According to google more then, 380M website is running and every day more than 38,000 websites hacked by hackers. It’s a huge number.

Our website is very impotent, no matter what kinds of the website we have. Every content, graphics and also products are priceless sometimes. So we must aware about our website security.

I am a WordPress developer and many clients asked me how to take backup and in an emergency how they can restore their site. I used several WordPress plugin. I found some interesting plugin but after some day I used they asked to pay some for a lifetime. It’s irritating. I think if it’s free all the time it should free and if premium no needs the free version.

At last, I found WPvivid Backup Plugin and its free. They confirmed it will be free for always. So I created a video with wpvivid. If you check the following video you will know how to take backup and also if need how can you restore it.